Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. What are the DATES for the Blue Lotus Festival 2013?
    From 13th to 18th of February 2013.

  3. What are the opening and closing times this year?
    The Festival will open on 13th of February 4pm and close on 18th morning.

  4. Are there lockers available at festival site?

  5. Will there be anywhere to sit down at BLF 2013?
    Yes, there will be sitting arrangements at pool side, lounge and lawn.

  6. Is there an age limit for the festival?
    No. Festival is open for everybody, independently of age, nationality and religion.

  7. Can I get food and drinks inside the event?
    Yes, the variety of local cuisine and organic drinks will be available for purchase on the festival site.

  8. Will there be drinking water available at the venue?
    Yes, at many location free drinking water will be available.

  9. What if I need to use an ATM. Will there be any on site?
    No for the closest ATM you would have to visit Pushakr Town. However, currency exchange facility will be available at festival hub.

  10. Will there be a Lost & Found at the festival?
    Yes, Lost& Found will be locted at Info Point.

  11. If I need any information or assistance at the venue what do I do?
    Info Point set up at main venue as well as info point in the Pushkar town will be happy to provide you with assistance and information. Also over 50 volunteers will be present at Festival sites to assist the visitors.

  12. I want to travel by rail to the festival, what is the nearest Station?
    The nearest station is Ajmer (11 km from Puskar). Many kinds of transports are easily available between those cities.

  13. Where can I stay?
    See Stay.

  14. I can't find an answer to my question, who can I contact?
    For further information please contact

  15. Can I bring food to the festival?
    No, outside food shall not be allowed. However, there shall be a variety of cuisine available to choose from at festival hub.

  16. Can I bring alcoholic refreshments to the festival?
    No, alcoholic refreshments are strictly prohibited in Pushkar.

  17. Can I bring NON-alcoholic refreshments to the festival?
    No, but all kind of refreshments will be available at festival hub.

  18. What should I do if I want to purchase a ticket but I live outside India?
    Tickets will be available online.

  19. Where can I buy tickets if I don’t have a credit card?
    Ticket can also be purchased at various stores across India or it can also be purchased at the festival hub.

  20. I am unable to attend but have already bought my ticket. Can I get a refund?
    No, unfortunately we do not refund tickets already purchased.

  21. Can I buy tickets on the day?

  22. Where can I view all of the ticket Terms and Conditions?
    All conditions of purchase can be viewed by clicking here

  23. What is not allowed at the festival?
    Knives, weapons, fire, fire toys, or fireworks of ANY kind
    Outside food/drink
    Illegal substances or drug paraphernalia
    Glass of ANY kind
    Tents or umbrella
    Audio recording hardware
    Instruments of ANY kind
    Water guns or sprayers
    Chain wallets
    Laser pointers
    Pets (service guide dogs are allowed)
    Chairs or furniture of ANY kind
    Framed or large backpacks (anything you would not be allowed to carry on a plane)
    Illegal/unauthorized vending
    Flyers or marketing materials

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